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(use srfi-13)
(define (S x) (lambda (y) (lambda (z) ((x z) (y z)))))
(define (K x) (lambda (y) x))
(define (I x) x)
(define (num->church num)
((= num 0) (K I))
(let ((succ (S ((S (K S)) K))))
(succ (num->church (- num 1)))))))
(define (church->num church)
((church (lambda (x) (+ x 1))) 0))
(define (string->church-list txt)
(letrec ((loop (lambda (left acc)
((pair? left)
(loop (cdr left) (cons (num->church (car left)) acc)))
(else acc)))))
(reverse (loop (append (map char->integer (string->list txt)) '(256)) '()))))
(define (church-list->expr lst)
(letrec ((loop (lambda (left)
((pair? left)
((S ((S I) (K (car left)))) (K (loop (cdr left)))))
(else I)))))
(loop lst)))
(define (expr->string expr)
(letrec ((loop (lambda (expr)
(let* (
(_car-int (church->num (expr K)))
(_cdr (expr (K I))))
((and (< _car-int 256))
(cons (integer->char _car-int) (loop _cdr)))
(list->string (loop expr))))
(define (eval-lazy obj)
(let* (
(expr (to-expr obj))
(input-string (port->string (standard-input-port)))
(input-church (church-list->expr (string->church-list input-string))))
(let ((result (expr input-church)))
(print (expr->string result)))))
(define (to-expr _obj)
((loop (lambda (obj)
((pair? obj)
(let ((elem (car obj)))
((eq? elem '@)
(let* (
(first (loop (cdr obj)))
(second (loop (cdr first)))
(expr ((car first) (car second))))
(cons expr (cdr second))))
(else (cons elem (cdr obj))))))
(else '())))))
(car (loop _obj))))
(define-syntax starts-with
(syntax-rules ()
((_ str index prefix)
(let (
(str-len (- (string-length str) index))
(pre-len (string-length prefix)))
((< str-len pre-len) #f)
((string= str prefix index (+ index pre-len) 0 pre-len) #t)
(else #f))))))
(define (parse-string str)
((loop (lambda (src acc idx total)
((>= idx total)
((starts-with src idx "わぁい") ;`
(loop src (cons '@ acc) (+ 3 idx) total))
((starts-with src idx "うすしお") ;s
(loop src (cons S acc) (+ 4 idx) total))
((starts-with src idx "あかり") ;k
(loop src (cons K acc) (+ 3 idx) total))
((starts-with src idx "大好き") ;i
(loop src (cons I acc) (+ 4 idx) total))
(loop src acc (+ 1 idx) total))))))
(reverse (loop str '() 0 (string-length str)))))
(define (parse-from-file filename)
((port (open-input-file filename)))
(parse-string (port->string port))))
(define (main args)
((not (and (pair? args) (pair? (cdr args))))
(display "please input filename\n"))
(let ((obj (parse-from-file (cadr args))))
(eval-lazy obj)))))