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Package Sync for Atom

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Synchronizes packages installed between computers by installing the packages listed in a configuration file.


Package Sync reads ~/.atom/packages.cson, compares what is in there to the list of available packages and installs any packages that it finds are missing.

To execute any of the commands listed below, you can use Atom's Command Palette. Additionally, you can create keybindings for them if you like.

Creating the Package List

You can create the initial package list from the packages you have installed by using the Create Package List command. It will include all packages you currently have installed in the ~/.atom/packages directory. The package list can be edited from there if you wish to add or remove any packages from the list.

Calling Create Package List will not overwrite a pre-existing package list. If you want to start over, you have to manually delete ~/atom/packages.cson and then call Create Package List to create it anew.

Editing the Package List

You can edit the package list at any time by opening it with the Open Package List command. It will open the ~/.atom/packages.cson file in a new Atom tab.

Synchronizing your Packages

Once you have the package list set the way you want, any time you wish to ensure that you have all of your required packages, you can execute the Sync command.


The packages.cson file follows the format:

'packages': [

Where the contents of the array is a list of packages to ensure are installed.


  • createOnChange — Create the package list when packages are installed or removed via the Atom settings. You must restart Atom after installing Package Sync for this setting to take effect, and it works best when paired with the forceOverwrite setting.
  • forceOverwrite — Forces the create-package-list command to overwrite the packages.cson if it exists.


  • package-sync:create-package-list — Creates the ~/.atom/packages.cson file if it does not already exist
  • package-sync:open-package-list — Opens the ~/.atom/packages.cson in a new tab
  • package-sync:sync — Syncs between the package list and the installed packages


No keybindings are configured by default for the commands in this package.


Copyright © 2014-2016 by Lee Dohm, Lifted Studios. See the LICENSE for more details.