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Intro To Twine / Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Games


  • Welcome / Introduction
  • Background of students / interests

Intro to Twine

  • What is Twine?
  • How do I get it?
  • What is it good for? / Why use it?
  • Branching narratives (choice!) in games
  • Twine and the game-maker revolution!!
  • Let's play some twine games!

What is Twine good for?

  • Stories
  • Poems
  • Games
  • Interactive Art
  • Prototyping

A not-comprehensive sample of games

(these categories and suggestions come from here )

Playful Gamelikes

Candy Quest 3: Edge of Sweetness by Michael Brough

It Is Pitch Black by Caelyn Sandel

Ultra Business Tycoon by Porpentine

Adventure Games

Ziva's Conjury Mart by Tory Hoke

Empathy Games

Depression Quest by Zoe Quinn

Surrealism and Satire

Cry$tal Warrior Ke$ha by Porpentine

Horsemaster by Tom Chenry

Socio-Political Commentary

Choice: Texas by Carly A. Kocurek, Allyson Whipple & others

Commentary on Games

HHH.exe by David P. Gray, Robot Parking

Interactive Short Stories

Even Cowgirls Bleed by Anna Anthropy

Interactive Poetry

How to Be a Blackbird by Holly Gramazio

Experimental Essay

Hotwine Miami by Sparky Clarkson


  1. What's your idea? Sketch out titles, words, images in your notebook
  2. What's your title and maybe a one-sentence description like "A game about..."
  3. What are the areas of your game? These could be levels, rooms, regions, different moments in time, etc. These are your main pages that will link together with passages.

Note: There are 2 main versions of Twine

  • Twine 1.0 has been around for about 5 years with steady improvement
  • Twine 2.0 (and improvements) was published in February 2015. It looks nice but is a bit buggy! Many people use the old Twine 1.0 because of this! When looking for help, make sure you note the differences between Twine 1.0 and Twine 2.0!
  • Which version should you use? If you are only doing text or if you know some HTML, then Twine 2.0 is fine.
  • If you want to more easily use extended features (audio, video, etc) but don't know HTML, CSS and Javascript then maybe stick to Twine 1.0.

How to build a Twine game?

  1. Start twine-ing! Go to [] and use the downloadable Twine app (open the index.html file) or use it online.
  2. For the online Twine 2.0 tool, you create a title and click the +Passage button in the bottom right to open a screen to create your first room/area.
  3. Start typing your first intro screen. Create a title and write the text and click on the rocket button to make it your start page (online version of Twine 2.0.6)
  4. A Twine story is built out of passages! Make pages and links! (see below)
  5. Make sure you are saving and exporting your story often!

Passages (like your levels)

  • Enclose passages in double brackets [[This is a passage]]
  • Readers can see one word/phrase but jump to a different page if you write it like this ```[[Words in your story|Page You want them to actually Jump To]]


  • Twine 2.0 requires that your images be located online (for example upload to a public linkable dropbox file).
  • On the page where you want your image you type in traditional HTML <img src="http://locationOfImageFile.jpg" width="20" height="20" alt="alternate text">
  • This can link to a passage if you like as well if you wrap it.
  • For more on Twine 2.0, including how you can add video or sound effects, read the [documentation]
  • In Twine 1.0, drag your image into Twine or go to Story -> Import
  • Use images with [img[The Name of the Image]]
  • More ways to use images here.

Optional: Styling

Share Your Twine

  • Select Build -> Build Story to turn your Twine into an HTML file.
  • Put your twine game in dropbox, on neocities, your own server/website, or post to philome

Jam Session / Mini Twine Game

  • Let's follow the Twiny Jam rules and make games with less than 300 words
  • Brainstorm / doodle an idea. What are some levels/rooms/areas?
  • Or just start writing!

Bonus Reading

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