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Welcome To Messlife


Messlife is a virtual DIY artspace in the tradition of warehouse art spaces and alternative venues. Messlife is a free (as in radical) software project, built by many people, for purposes of online and IRL handing, collab'ing and aming.

Messlife is a project by Lee Tusman in collaboration with many people.
Messlife grows out of conversations with Brandon Avery Joyce of The South Philly Athenaeum and PIFAS.
Lead Engineer: John Bruneau
Modeling Assistance: Sanglim Han, Yuehao Jiang, Jonathan Moore
Additional Help: Tyler Stefanich, Youjin Chung, Alex Rickett, Stalgia Grigg, Kate Hollenbach
Messlife takes inspiration from DIY artspaces everywhere. Love to Little Berlin, Flux Factory and Babycastles. Hugs to Just Another System and Glorious Trainwrecks.
Thanks to the faculty, staff and students of UCLA Design | Media Arts and UCLA GameLab for their support.
Messlife is dedicated to the memories of Monte stole_life Williams and Jsun Adrian McCarty and to the those who passed in the Ghostship warehouse fire.