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This repository contains the lesson plan, zine and presentation from the Skillshare Workshop Radical DIY Computing hosted and supported by Side Street Projects at The Armory Center For The Arts, Pasadena



  • Build a Linux computer with the CHIP computer as a base and pre-installed ChipOS
  • Learn about the history of free and open source computing and culture
  • Feel more confident looking under the hood of a computer and its operating system and tinkering with it
  • Understand the history and philosophy and tools of Linux
  • Review software and example projects using CHIP
  • Discuss purpose and possibilities for decentralized computing, darknets and mesh networking, piratebox, etc
  • Learn about resources for further learning, community and exploration
  • Gain basic understanding of the Terminal commandline, how to access and enter basic commands, and understand its purpose and philosophy


  • Your workshop leaders are Lee Tusman and Echo Theohar
  • Side Street Projects organized and supported the kickoff Skill Share workshop. Side Street hosts a series of upcoming Skill Shares
  • Comments, corrections or questions welcome.
  • Thank you to everyone who participated in our Skill Share.