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This program was created during the May 2014 School For Poetic Computation.

This program is created in Processing. It presents a banner and asks for your name. After hitting enter, it calls a Bash script that runs a javascript program that uses CasperJS to scrape the goog results page and put that text in newfile.txt. Once this text is ready in newfile.txt, the Processing Sketch turns on the camera, runs pixelation and threshholding and creates a camera mirror that creates the image from the text in newfile.txt. In essence, you are creating a selfie made out of text found about you in a google search.

Use 'w' and 's' to increase or decrease threshholding. This program runs best if you get your face quite close.

Take a screenshot with the spacebar (images are saved in the data folder).

v 1 Alpha This is not intended as a final version. I would like to convert this to P5.JS. And I would like to output the images as text files instead of screenshot pngs.

A huge thanks to all my School For Poetic Computation teacher and fellow artists/coders for ideas, inspiration, help fixing bugs and in writing code when I got stuck.