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Strangerfy, a simple starter framework for websites with online art projects

Strangerfy is a framework for quickly creating any website and online art project. Specifically it gives you great starter CSS styling, the basic minimum html pages you need, and a link to P5JS library with a bare minimum sketch on a element that is overlaid on top of your index page.

It is ultra-minimal and uses several great frameworks and tools as components that are glued together in a rather simple package. I have argued against using frameworks since they can simplify and render all sites to look about the same. Strangerfy is my attempt at an ultra-minimal framework that just sticks together the bare minimum so you can get started and throws in my favorite javascript framework P5JS.

I have made the somewhat non-traditional choice to place a starter background gradient! You can easily change this gradient or remove it by opening up the css/style.css file.

Strangerfy is intended as a digital erector set or toolbox that I've formalized here because most of the time I begin a web project and start with these parts and it made sense for me just to put them together in an easy-to-copy and deploy manner.

Getting Started

  1. Download and unzip strangerfy.
  2. Open the index.html file in your favorite text editor and start writing in HTML.
  3. OR copy the file and edit away. When done, convert the markdown to HTML and it will use the included CSS stylesheets. Note: If you create markdown or other html pages in a subfolder you'll need to adjust the proper path to the CSS stylesheets.
  4. Modify the sketch.js with Javascript or use the p5js template.
  5. That's about it. Launch a local server in the folder (such as python -m SimpleHTTPServer and visit localhost:8000 in your web browser) or post your full site on a server, on GitHub pages, or elsewehere.
  6. To modify fonts, change or remove background gradient or make other custom changes, open up and modify css/style.css. To replace or remove a stylesheet, delete or comment out a line in the index.html file.


My methodology here is to create some basic starter HTML and CSS including some nice basic font-sizes,spacing, widths, margins, etc. As of this year (2018) I've been using lots of gradients as page backgrounds, so it includes a gradient starter and some Google font starter. I also include the P5JS library derived from Processing for its ease-of-use and fun in creating online artworks and projects.

This is easily modular. Comment out any component in the index file's head section you don't want to use, or remove it altogether.

Components and inspirations

  • HTML starter index page - ultra minimal HTML page. You know the deal.
  • normalize.css to reset browser defaults - OPTIONAL
  • Sakura, which provides excellent basic sizing, styling that I've used as starter CSS
  • P5JS library for working with the canvas. This canvas is layered on my HTML/body content and includes the P5DOM library to modify the DOM as an alternative to jQuery.
  • Shade is a good link to a simple but nice gradient generator for CSS.Maybe I should integrate this with SASS (ADDED to TODO)
  • This great short article on a five minute guide to better typography

Why use this?

  • Quick prototyping. You don't need to spend any time configuring anything and you'll have a unique, colorful, contemporary and minimal (and perhaps strange) site out-of-the-box. Of course you can easily jump in and customize to your liking.
  • Works well with Markdown -> HTML pages
  • Could be easily combined with other any other frameworks, for example Tachyons

Why is it called Strangerfy?

TODO - possible ways to extend this

  • Generate gradient on the fly each time a page is created (via Sass)
  • Choose from several good starter fonts randomly (same as above)
  • Could be integrated back into Jekyll with Liquid for the ultimate blogging/static site generation


Framework for quickly creating any website along with built-in P5JS template




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