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Commits on May 23, 2012
  1. @mathiasbynens @bnoordhuis

    doc: add punycode.js documentation

    mathiasbynens authored bnoordhuis committed
  2. @japj @bnoordhuis

    doc: process get/setuid and get/setgid are POSIX only

    japj authored bnoordhuis committed
    Fixes #3302
  3. @bnoordhuis
Commits on May 22, 2012
  1. update uv to 2df831723fad25d2d97b824b2e52c65082af2723

    Igor Zinkovsky authored
  2. remove race from test-child-process-fork-exec-argv test

    Igor Zinkovsky authored
  3. @bnoordhuis

    test: fix bad comment

    bnoordhuis authored
  4. @bnoordhuis

    test: fix simple/test-process-active-wraps

    bnoordhuis authored
    Said test relies a great deal on internals and implementation details (I should
    know, I wrote it). Patch it up to work with libuv's new refcounting scheme.
  5. @bnoordhuis

    deps: upgrade libuv to a478847

    bnoordhuis authored
    The event loop's reference counting scheme in this version of libuv has changed.
    Update the libuv bindings to reflect that fact.
  6. @TooTallNate

    repl: preserve the cursor when redisplaying the prompt on SIGCONT

    TooTallNate authored
    Otherwise the cursor position was being reset to 0, even when there was
    already part of a line, which was strange.
    Part of #3295.
  7. @TooTallNate
  8. @TooTallNate
Commits on May 21, 2012
  1. @Sannis @bnoordhuis

    Make UNWRAP macro generic.

    Sannis authored bnoordhuis committed
  2. @AndreasMadsen @bnoordhuis

    cluster: remove NODE_UNIQUE_ID from env on startup

    AndreasMadsen authored bnoordhuis committed
    In case a worker would spawn a new subprocess with process.env, NODE_UNIQUE_ID
    would have been a part of the env. Making the new subprocess believe it is a
    worker, this would result in some confusion if the subprocess where to listen to
    a port, since the server handle request would then be relayed to the worker.
    This patch removes the NODE_UNIQUE_ID flag from process.env on startup so any
    subprocess spawned by a worker is a normal process with no cluster stuff.
  3. @Sannis @bnoordhuis

    Check for tabs in source line in DisplayExceptionLine

    Sannis authored bnoordhuis committed
Commits on May 20, 2012
  1. @bnoordhuis

    test: add http 'data after timeout' test

    bnoordhuis authored
    See #3234. TDB if this is or is not the desired behavior.
  2. @isaacs

    test: wait for 'close' event for stdout

    isaacs authored
    At the 'exit' event, it is sometimes not done writing to stdout.
  3. @isaacs
  4. @isaacs
Commits on May 19, 2012
  1. @AndreasMadsen @isaacs should not require a listener arguments

    AndreasMadsen authored isaacs committed
    Since returns an event emitter where the change event is exactly
    the same as the listener callback, the argument should be required
Commits on May 17, 2012
  1. @bnoordhuis

    doc: improve docs

    bnoordhuis authored
  2. @magicmonkey @bnoordhuis

    doc: document fs 'rs+' open mode

    magicmonkey authored bnoordhuis committed
  3. @isaacs
  4. @isaacs

    benchmark for fs.readfile

    isaacs authored
Commits on May 16, 2012
  1. @isaacs

    Revert "Fix #3242 Actually deprecate 'binary' buffer encoding"

    isaacs authored
    This reverts commit 5979f09.
    - #3279
    - #3278
  2. @isaacs

    Fix #3270 Escape url.parse delims

    isaacs authored
    Rather than omitting them.
  3. @isaacs

    build: Set strict_aliasing on SunOS always

    isaacs authored
    A build failure was introduced on c9676c9
    in SmartOS systems.  This makes it build properly.
  4. @isaacs

    Revert "test: stack overflow output"

    isaacs authored
    This reverts commit f8519e1.
    Recent update to V8 fixes the problem where it incorrectly reports the
    line number as 0 for thrown RangeErrors.
  5. @isaacs
  6. @isaacs

    Patches floating on V8

    isaacs authored
  7. @isaacs

    Upgrade V8 to 3.11.1

    isaacs authored
  8. @adammw @bnoordhuis

    http: make http.get() accept a URL

    adammw authored bnoordhuis committed
    http.get() now accepts either a URL (as a string) or an options object.
  9. @bnoordhuis
  10. @isaacs


    isaacs authored
Commits on May 15, 2012
  1. @magicmonkey @bnoordhuis

    fs: add sync open flags 'rs' and 'rs+'

    magicmonkey authored bnoordhuis committed
  2. @isaacs

    Merge branch 'master' into v0.6-merge

    isaacs authored
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