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A repository of my programming notes. Used mainly for reference and solidifying online courses/lessons/projects
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How To GraphQL
Learn Node
Learn Redux
Learning By Doing
React 101
React for Beginners

This repository has been archived

Future notes, and edits can be found directly in the repository, or at

Programming Notes

I seriously don't remember anything unless I write it down. This repository helps with that! 😎😎 These are all notes I've taken while learning some concept, sometimes from readings/blogs, mostly from online courses. If you see anything that could be improved submit an issue, and I'll try to fix it up.

Advanced React

  • //TODO: Finish course


  • Interview skills
  • Coding challenges
  • Verbalizing code
  • Explaining thought process


  • Basic conceptual overview

How To GraphQL

  • What is GraphQL
  • Why choose GraphQL
  • How GraphQL works
  • Defining the Schema (SDL)
  • Fetching data from a GraphQL endpoint

Learn Node

  • Setup and Concepts (using Express)
  • Storage and Control Flow
  • Data Management with MongoDB
  • Managing User Accounts (Authentication)
  • Password Reset Flow
  • Ajax REST APIs
  • Using MongoDB Relationships
  • Pagination (Backend)

Learn Redux

  • Definitions (Actions, Store, Dispatching, etc.)
  • Concepts (Pure Functions, Using Reducers, etc.)
  • Fundamentals (Joining Reducers, Mapping, Restrictions, etc.)

React 101

  • What is React?
  • Intro to JSX
  • Intro to Props
  • Intro to State
  • Components and Relationship
  • Stateless vs. Stateful
  • Styling Components
  • Refactoring Components
  • LifeCycle Methods

React For Beginners

  • Random Notes (Binding, Refs, ES6)
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