A PHP framework that allows client javascript to call server PHP.
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What Is It?

SNAP stands for __s__hared __n__amespace __a__pplication __p__rogramming.

It allows you to write a function in PHP and then allow it to be called in javascript.

How To Use It

First write some php:

// in bar.php
function bar($myParam){
    return something-on-the-server;

Then create the module.

// in foo.js.php

// include the library.
require_once "dir/to/snap.php";

// create a new module.
$module = new SNAPModule("SNAP");

// register the function bar() in bar.php as foo.
$module->registerFunction("foo", "bar", "bar.php");

// write JS to the page.

The file name foo.js.php has it's extension because it will be interpreted as javascript (it's headers will be set to javascript)

The first line is a standard include.

The second line creates a new SNAPModule which can contain any number of functions. The constructors parameter is the name of the module--SNAPTrigger is called, a javascript object by that name ("SNAP") will be created.

The next line registers the function to the module.

  • the first parameter is the name the function will have in javascript.
  • the second parameter is the name of the function of itself.
  • the third parameter is the name of the file where the function can be found.

When included with a script tag like so:

<script type="text/javascript" src="foo.js.php?mode=js"></script>

The following code will be generated:

SNAP = {
    foo: function()  // hands the call to PHP.


Error Handling

If there is a PHP error, SNAP will attempt to throw the error as a javascript error. It cannot catch either fatal errors or compile errors. See issue 1