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Automating for DevOps with Azure Functions
Azure Automation Options
IT Service Management Mashup!
Publishing Anything You Can Imagine to OMS Using the API
Real-World IoT for IT Pros

MMS 2017

Demos and Goodies for MMS 2017


GitHub Repo for my MMS 2017 Demos





  • IT Service Management Mashup!
    • Presented with Sam Erskine on a fun and informative session on the shift from "Traditional ITSM" to "Modern ITSM"
    • Demos:
      • "IT Panic Button" - Amazon Dash Button to create incidents, slack posts, and more
      • "Alexa ITSM" - Using Amazon Alexa to check Incident status and reassign incidents using just my voice!
  • Automating for DevOps with Azure Functions
    • Presented with Pete Zerger on "Advanced" functionality of Azure Functions for a number of dev ops scenarios.
    • Demo packed sessions including: Deploying Azure Functions via GitHub, Deploying Azure Functions via VSTS, Managaing and Monitoring Azure Functions.