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Overrides the openFrameworks windowing system to use SDL rather than GLUT.
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ofxSDL (v0.01)

An openFrameworks addOn which overrides the windowing system to use SDL rather than GLUT.
There are a handful of benefits from using SDL including:

 * Rich events from Joysticks and Controllers
 * Events from Mouse scroll wheel
 * Unicode Keyboard support (TODO)

This ofxSDL addOn was designed to be used with the v006 branch of openFrameworks
Lee Byron


ofxSDL is in its infancy, and is missing some major chunks of functionality.
It's not that they are necessarily difficult to implement, but that I have limited
time and resources to contribute. Feel free to send me patches on git-hub.

* Decouple from OSX framework, support for Win + Linux
* Unicode Keyboard support
* Set window title, size, and position
* Poco events
* Toggle and set fullscreen
* (anything else?)
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