Improved QuickLook generator for MultiMarkdown files
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MultiMarkdown QuickLook.xcodeproj
MultiMarkdown QuickLook


MultiMarkdown QuickLook Plugin


This is a complete rewrite of the MultiMarkdown version of Phil Toland's QLMarkdown plugin. The MMD version caused multiple copies of the multimarkdown process to spawn and run the CPU usage to 100%. I'm sure it was something I did, and not a problem with qlmarkdown.

But in order to fix it, it just made more sense to start over.

This program allows you to preview a MultiMarkdown text file (or OPML file) in the Finder after converting it to HTML with MMD.


To install, simply put the "MultiMarkdown QuickLook" file in:


To uninstall, simply remove it.

This version of the QuickLook plugin includes an embedded copy of MultiMarkdown 3.2, as well as opml2mmd.xslt. So there's nothing else to install to get it to work. The version of mmd that's embedded should run on any Intel Mac.


Source code is available at

You can download a binary release from


The QLMarkdown code is distributed under the same terms as peg-multimarkdown.

Known Issues

Images are not displayed in previews.

Version History