real-time, in-app notifications for web and mobile via the command line
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real-time, in-app notifications for web and mobile via the command line. see it in action

##Usage Sending notifications with Holler is as easy as four steps:

###1. Install a module Holler is built with Node and is distributed as an npm module. If you don't have Node yet, install the hell out of it. Next we just install holler:

npm install holler

###2. Add a script tag On the client, Holler can be easily configured to use a specific host and port regardless of the app's http server. This is done via a global hollerConfig object. The holler-client.js script tag should then be included:

      var hollerConfig = {
        host: "",
        port: "1337"
<script type="text/javascript" src="PATH/TO/holler-client.min.js"></script>

###3. Start a server The server can be started with an optional port. If no port is specified, it will be defaulted to 1337.

holler-server 1337

###4. Holler stuff Show notifications to all users currently using your app in real-time using holler.js. Notifications use Alertify so they look nice and sexy.

  • Log Messages

holler http://yourServerUrl:port log "This is a standard log message."
  • Success Messages

holler http://yourServerUrl:port success "This is a success message."
  • Error Messages

holler http://yourServerUrl:port error "This is an error message."

##Going forward I definitely need to address the following:

  • Security: need a way to lock down notifications so that only auth'd users can send them
  • Simplicity: need a way to simplify the holler.js command (it's ugly to pass in 3 options)

##License WTFPL