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When using multiple profiles with the login screen disabled, XBMC will automatically login the user profile that was logged in during the last session.

This add-on allows you to override this behaviour and set a specific default profile which will always be used during login. When XBMC quits this add-on will overwrite the <lastloaded> value in profiles.xml with the profile id of the configured default profile.
Optionally, you can configure the add-on to either switch to the default profile or logout and show the login screen when XBMC has been idle for a configurable time.

Please be aware that this is a workaround. When XBMC crashes then during the next startup of XBMC a profile other than the configured default profile may be visible for a short moment. The add-on then automatically logs out this other profile and logs in the configured default profile.
If you use password protection on one or more of your profiles, then make sure that you lock the settings for all profiles using the Master Lock.

Installation and Configuration:
(instructions based on Confluence skin)

    1. Download the zip (https://github.com/leechguy/service.defaultprofile/downloads).
    2. If you are not logged in into XBMC using the Master user profile, then logout and login as Master user.
    3. Go to Settings->Add-ons and choose 'Install from zip file'.
    4. Lookup the downloaded zip file and press the 'OK'-button.
    5. Restart XBMC.
    6. Login using the Master user profile.
    7. Go to Settings->Add-ons->Installed Add-ons (Eden) or Enabled Add-ons (Pre-Frodo) -> Services -> Load Default Profile Service
    8. Press the 'Configure'-button.
    9. Enter the default profile name you want to use when starting XBMC. Note that this field is case sensitive!
   10. Restart XBMC. XBMC should now log in using the configured default profile.

This add-on is compatible with XBMC Eden and pre-Frodo.