Graphing library for MooTools
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MilkChart is released under the MIT license. It is simple and easy to understand and places almost no restrictions on what you can do with MilkChart. More Information

This library will generate a graph similar to Microsoft Excel.


How to use

To transform a table of data into a chart, simply create a MilkChart object of the chart type you wish passing in the table id and an object containing options for the chart.

Table structure:

<table id="chart">
            <th>Column A</th><th>Column B</th><th>Column C</th><th>Column D</th> 
            <td>Row 1</td><td>Row 2</td><td>Row 3</td><td>Row 4</td><td>Row 5</td>
  • NOTE: The <tfoot> tag is optional. This is where row names are stored. If it's not important, they will be named Row # by default.

The JavaScript:

window.addEvent('domready', function() {
    var chart = new MilkChart.Column("chart");

MilkChart Options

You can pass several options to the MilkChart chart object constructors. Each of the options has a default value.

  • width - (int: Defaults to 400) Width of chart in px
  • height - (int: Defaults to 280) Height of chart in px
  • padding - (int: Defaults to 12) Outer padding of chart in px
  • font - (string: Defaults to "Verdana") Font to be used for labels
  • fontColor - (string: Defaults to #000000) Color used for labels
  • fontSize - (int: Defaults to 10) Font size in pt
  • background - (string: Defaults to #ffffff) Background color of chart
  • chartLineColor - (string: Defaults to #333333) Color of value lines
  • chartLineWeight - (int: Defaults to 1) Line Wieght of value lines in px
  • border - (bool: Defaults to true) Draws a border around edge chart (ignores padding)
  • borderWeight - (int: Defaults to 1) Border width in px
  • borderColor - (string: Defaults to #333333) Border color
  • titleSize - (int: Defaults to 18) Size of title font in pt
  • titleFont - (string: Defaults to "Verdana") Font used for title
  • titleColor - (string: Defaults to #000000) Font color for title
  • showRowNames - (bool: Defaults to true) Show the row labels on one of the axes
  • showValues - (bool: Defaults to true) Show values on one of the axes
  • showKey - (bool: Defaults to true) Shows the column labels
  • useZero - (bool: Defaults to true) Always use 0 as the lowest value
  • copy - (bool: Defaults to false) Whether or not to hide the table or not
  • clean - (bool: Defaults to false) Creates a copy of the table, cleaned of spurious elements added by Table.Paginate and/or Table.Sort. Automatically turned on if the supplied table's thead contains more than one row, as is when Table.Paginate is used.

MilkChart Classes

These are the available classes MilkChart provides and their additional options.

  • Column
    • columnBorder - (bool:Defaults to false) Draws borders around each column
    • columnBorderWeight - (int:Defaults to 2) Width of border in pixels
    • columnBorderColor - (string:Defaults to #000000) Color of the border
  • Bar
  • Line
    • showTicks - (bool:Defaults to false) Draw tick marks at each value
    • showLines - (bool:Defaults to true) Draw lines connecting values
    • lineWeight - (int: Defaults to 3) Line weight in px
  • Scatter
    • showTicks - (bool:Defaults to true) Draw tick marks at each value
    • showLines - (bool:Defaults to false) Draw lines connecting values
  • Pie
    • stroke - (bool Defaults to true) Stroke the pie chart
    • strokeWeight - (int: Defaults to 2) Stroke weight in px
    • strokeColor - (string: Defaults to "#000000") Font color on pie slices
    • shadow - (bool: Defaults to false) Draw a shadow under the pie chart
    • showPercentages - (bool: Defaults to true) Draw slice percentage
    • chartLineWeight - (int: Defaults to 2) Outline line weight in px
    • pieBorder - (bool: Defaults to false) Draw a border around pie
  • Doughnut

AJAX Loading(JSON)

You can call the load method on any MilkChart type to load a JSON dataset from a url. It accepts the same options as Request, except for onSuccess.

Chart Colors

For the chart colors, your can specify a list of colors and it will repeat those as needed. You can also specify a single color and MilkChart will create a gradient as needed. Or you can supply two colors to create a gradient between.


Column Chart Bar Chart Line Chart Scatter Chart Pie Chart Doughnut Chart