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A DSL for building and executing ffmpeg commands.


It requires that you already have ffmpeg installed, obviously :)


gem install ffmpeg —source


To build and execute a command you would use the FFMpeg::convert method and then call the FFMpeg::run method like this:

require “rubygems”
require “ffmpeg”
include FFMpeg

convert “file.ext”, :to => “new_file.ext” do
    seek “00:01:13”
    duration “00:10:01”

If you want the output file to have the same name as the input file it’s enough to just specify the new file extension like this:

require “rubygems”
require “ffmpeg”
include FFMpeg

convert “finding_that_nemo_dude.avi”, :to => :flv do

This will produce an output file called finding_that_nemo_dude.flv

For more information checkout the documentation or my blog

Credit where credit’s due

Thank’s to jwthompson2 there’s now support for all of the standard video and audio options and most of the advanced video options from the ffmpeg documentation as well
as improved and refactored specs.

Thanks to jamesdaniels for fixing a nasty output path error while using the :to => extension option

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