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%title Lee Hambley
%h2 Hire Me
![And respect, and hugs, and unicorns](/images/will_program_for_food.png)
I'm available for all types of freelance and contracting work, interested
in short or long term projects; or even being the guy you keep on retainer
for when things go bad.
I prefer to work with others, I have good self-discipline and work well remotely,
good communication is essential, I like [Yammer], [Campfire], [Pivotal Tracker] and
I work in the beautiful [Hamburg, Germany] often from home, and occasionally
from the offices of my clients, or [betahaus].
If you would like to work with me, I'd love to meet you for a coffee, meet you to
go running, or even just chat on the phone.
I normally work European office hours, that's about 7 productive hours a day, five
days per week.
I only bill for any time that would otherwise be spent on other clients, this way
you don't have to be afraid to call me if you need something.
I work best when phone calls and meetings are kept to a minimum.
*My rates reflect my experience, but they can me made to match your budget.*
**If you would like to work with me, [shoot me an email] and we can talk!**
[Pivotal Tracker]:
[Hamburg, Germany]:
[shoot me an email]:
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