Jekyll source for my personal blog.
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This is the data for my blog

It is automatically transformed by Jekyll into a static site whenever I push this repository to GitHub.

I was tired of having my blog posts end up in a database off on some remote server. That is backwards. I’ve lost valuable posts that way. I want to author my posts locally in Textile or Markdown. My blog should be easily stylable and customizable any way I please. It should take care of creating a feed for me. And most of all, my site should be stored on GitHub so that I never lose data again.


The following directories and their contents are Copyright Lee Huffman. You may not reuse anything therein without my permission:

  • _posts/
  • images/

All other directories and files are MIT Licensed. Feel free to use the HTML and CSS as you please. If you do use them, a link back to would be appreciated, but is not required.