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Slop is a simple option parser with an easy to remember syntax and friendly API.



gem install slop


git clone git://
cd slop
gem build slop.gemspec
gem install slop-<version>.gem


s = Slop.parse(ARGV) do
  option :v, :verbose, "Enable verbose mode", :default => false
  option :n, :name, "Your name", true # compulsory argument
  option :c, :country, "Your country", argument => true # the same thing

  option :a, :age, "Your age", true, :optional => true # optional argument
  option :address, "Your address", :optional => true # the same

  # shortcut option aliases
  opt :height, "Your height"
  o :weight, "Your weight

# using `--name Lee -a 100`
s.options_hash #=> {:verbose=>false, :name=>"Lee", :age=>"100", :address=>nil}
s.value_for(:name) #=> "Lee"
option = s.option_for(:name)
option.description #=> "Your name"

# You can also use switch values to set options according to arguments
s = Slop.parse(ARGV) do
  option :v, :verbose, :default => false, :switch => true
  option :applicable_age, :default => 10, :switch => 20

# without `-v`
s.value_for(:verbose) #=> false

# using `-v`
s.value_for(:verbose) #=> true

# using `--applicable_age`
s.value_for(:applicable_age) #=> 20


If you want to return values of specific types, for example a Symbol or Integer you can pass the :as attribute to your option.

s = Slop.parse("--age 20") do
  opt :age, true, :as => Integer # :int/:integer both also work
s.value_for(:age) #=> 20 # not "20"

Slop will also check your default attributes type to see if it can cast the new value to the same type.

s = Slop.parse("--port 110") do
  opt :port, true, :default => 80
s.value_for(:port) #=> 110


You can of course also parse lists into options. Here's how:

s = Slop.parse("--people lee,injekt") do
  opt :people, true, :as => Array
s.value_for(:people) #=> ["lee", "injekt"]

You can also change both the split delimiter and limit

s = Slop.parse("--people lee:injekt:bob") do
  opt :people, true, :as => Array, :delimiter => ':', :limit => 2
s.value_for(:people) #=> ["lee", "injekt:bob"]


If you'd like to contribute to Slop (it's really appreciated) please fork the GitHub repository, create your feature/bugfix branch, add specs, and send me a pull request. I'd be more than happy to look at it.

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