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Slop just... doesn't work... #63

epitron opened this Issue · 5 comments

3 participants

Chris Gahan Lee Jarvis Ryan Scott Lewis
Chris Gahan

See the output here:

Any ideas?

Lee Jarvis

It is working. As you can see in the discussion on issue #59, the latest version of Slop (v3+) doesn't set true values for flags in to_hash

This is the way it was designed to work (not like v2).

Lee Jarvis leejarvis closed this
Ryan Scott Lewis

Well, that's just silly.

Lee Jarvis

Thank you for your input Ryan. As stated in that other issue this is not the expected output and I shall move forward with patching it shortly.

Chris Gahan

Why would you put their keys in the hash if they're never going to have a value other than nil?

Ryan Scott Lewis

Check the other issue referenced above. I should have before I commented =x

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