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I'm happy with pull requests or issue reports that address critical problems.

Please note that is now considered done. See also "mature" and "legacy". Feature requests and non-critical issues will be rejected.

When sending bug reports please provide the version of, the version of perl, the name and version of your Web server, and the name and version of the operating system you are using. If the problem is even remotely browser dependent, please provide information about the affected browsers as well.

You are strongly advised to update to the latest version of the module and test your issue with it before submitting a report. Failing tests cases are appreciated with issues, please see the existing tests in t/ for examples.

Please note that github issues isn't the place for help getting scripts working. This is for bug reports and pull requests. I would first suggest looking at the examples in the distribution, reading the docs, and then asking at stackoverflow or perlmonks.