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This talk aims to give an overview of the past, present, and future
of the module.
As the new primary maintainer of i would like to explain what
i plan to do with the module, i would also like to bring people up
to speed with recent changes related to - especially the fact
that it will soon no longer be a core module.
I will also point out the state of the module with regards to issues
and highlight that it is still a commonly used module in some perl
development shops; that there are still some perl developers who will
advocate its use and why they shouldn't, with a heavy nod towards
Sawyer's recent " must die" talk.
The "future" will include suggestions for refactoring the module once
existing issues have been addressed. These may include:
+ Documentation to dissuade the use of
+ Increasing test coverage
+ Removal of duplicate functionality
+ Replacing pre-re-invented wheels with CPAN equivalents
+ Deprecation of HTML generation functions
The talk is planned as a lightning talk.