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Alfred Rdio Workflow

Control from Alfred including:

  • add/remove the currently playing track from your collection
  • play/pause
  • next/previous

Includes output to Notification Center:

Rdio Alfred Workflow in Notification Center


Rdio Alfred Workflow Usage

rd [command]

If no command is given, the workflow will launch (or bring it to the foreground if it is already launched).


  • add - add the currently playing track to your collection
  • remove - remove the currently playing track from your collection and advance to the next track
  • play - play the current track
  • pause - pause the current track
  • next - advance to the next track
  • previous - return to the previous track
  • now - show the current track and artist in Notification Center



  • Download the latest release
  • Open the downloaded file and Alfred will import it automatically