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Here you can see a list of all contributors and used assets from external authors.
NOTE: This game is like an hobby project and we dont earn money with it!

Project Management & Founder

  • Victoria Wohlwend (Product Owner)
  • Sima Spielmann (Creative Director)
  • Justin Künzel (Technical Director,

External Assets

List external assets here.

Arial Font

Path: data/font/arial
Arial is an font from microsoft.

Menu Selection Click (Sound)

Path: data/sound/menu_selection_click
Author: NenadSimic License: CC-BY 3.0
Source / Link:

LPC Terrains (Tileset)

Path: mods/maingame/tilesets/LPC_Terrain

  • Matthew Nash
  • Nushio
  • William.Thompsonj
  • Adrix89
  • Casper Nilsson
  • Daniel Eddeland
  • Johann CHARLOT
  • Skyler Robert Colladay
  • Lanea Zimmerman (AKA Sharm)
  • Stephen Challener (AKA Redshrike)
  • Charles Sanchez (AKA CharlesGabriel)
  • Manuel Riecke (AKA MrBeast)
  • Daniel Armstrong (AKA HughSpectrum)

License: CC-BY-SA 3.0 / GNU GPL 3.0
Source / Link:

RPG Village Exploration (Soundtrack)

Path: mods/maingame/music/rpg_village_exploration
Author: Hitctrl
License: CC-BY 3.0
Source / Link: found at:

Snow Footstep (Sound Effect)

Path: mods/maingame/sounds/footsteps/snow
Author: Corsica_S
License: CC0
Source / Link:

Grass Footstep (Sound Effect)

Path: mods/maingame/sounds/footsteps/grass
Author: TinyWorlds
License: CC0
Source / Link:

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