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@gcp gcp released this Oct 31, 2018 · 2 commits to master since this release

  • Added support for lz-analyze and lz-genmove_analyze GTP extensions.
    They provide real time information about the search and can be used by GUIs.
  • Added support for lz-setoption to change options without restarting.
    Support setting max memory usage, visits, etc.
  • Implemented Winograd F(4x4, 3x3) for CPU and GPU, speeding up large networks.
  • Symmetrical positions in the opening are now recognized and sped up through mirroring/rotations.
  • Storing coefficients in fp16 format is automatically enabled if it is faster.
  • Support for fp16 compute. Large speedup on cards with fp16 compute support.
  • Improved scaling of MCTS search with large number of threads.
  • Added specific time management for self-play training games.
  • Bugfixes to SGF parsing.
  • Bugfixes to GTP compatibility.
  • AutoGTP: support compressed weights, removing the need to ungzip.
  • AutoGTP: use HTTPS.
  • Validation: support arbitrary GTP commands for each binary.
  • Training code now supports multi-GPU.
  • Bundled OpenBLAS is updated with support for new CPUs.
  • (Open)BLAS is no longer required for compiling.

Note 2018-11-01: ZIP packages have been re-uploaded with missing gzip added.

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