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Beefed up stack #4

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I beefed your stack. This is a little closer to the setup I've been rocking. You don't have to pull it, but there's some helpful things in here.

#Procfile and jackage.json
Declares node and npm version, so that Heroku will give you the latest.
Updated Express to latest.
Rather than precompiling coffee into js, procfile will call coffee directly. It'll just precompile in memory first time it's loaded, so there's really no overhead to doing this.

#konphyg and setup
Added in konphyg to handle app settings and whatev, while merging environment specific configs
Moved Express setup out of the main server file (since it's large and mostly static) and into it's own setup method. It's using konphyg and Heroku environment overrides.

#jade helpers
Slugged in a stub for adding helpers into Jade. So you can call methods in your views to reduce logic.

Closed issue #2 br removing extra body tag from index.jade

Keith Hoffmann added some commits Jun 18, 2012
Keith Hoffmann Using konphyg. moved setup out of main. better heroku configs. jade h…
…elpers. made procfile call coffee directly.
Keith Hoffmann removed double body tag d862117

Thanks dude, will dig into this!

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