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This directory contains a number of examples. They show off various aspects of
the language and various backends, including compiling through the Atom (C99)
backend, SBV backend, interpreting, and generating driver to model-check the two
back-ends against each other (in Examples). The libraries are in the
copilot-libraries package.
* AddMult: demonstrates Haskell-level recursion
* Array: external arrays
* BadExtVars: demonstrates the analyzer catches badly-typed external variables
* Cast: demonstrates type-safe casting
* ClockExamples: demonstrates the use of clocks (to control sampling rates)
* EngineExample: simple engine temperature monitor example
* Examples: a large number of small examples
* Examples2: more small examples
* ExtFuns: sampling external functions
* Local: using local variables (let expressions inside of Copilot)
* LTLExamples: demonstrates the bounded LTL library
* PTLTLExamples: demonstrates the past-time LTL library
* Random: how to generate a random specification for QuickCheck-type testing
(use the copilot-c99-qc executable to run QuickCheck tests against the Atom
* RegExpExamples: demonstrates the regular expressions library
* StackExamples: demonstrates the stack library
* StatExamples: demonstrates the statistics library
* VotingExamples: demonstrates the fault-tolerant voting library
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