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+Copilot: a stream DSL
+Copilot is a stream (i.e., infinite lists) domain-specific language (DSL) in
+Haskell that compiles into embedded C. Copilot is similar in spirit to
+languages like Lustre. Copilot contains an interpreter, multiple back-end
+compilers, and other verification tools. See the Examples section below.
+Copilot is comprised of a number of sub-projects which are automatically
+installed when you install Copilot from Hackage, as described below:
+* [copilot-language]( The
+ front-end of Copilot defining the user language.
+* [copilot-libraries](
+ User-supplied libraries for Copilot, including linear-temporal logic,
+ fault-tolerant voting, regular expressions, etc.
+* [copilot-core]( The core
+ language, which efficiently represents Copilot expressions. The core is only
+ of interest to implementers wishing to add a new back-end to Copilot.
+* [copilot-cbmc]( A tool to
+ generate a driver using CBMC, a third-party tool (see Dependencies below) that
+ proves that the code generated by different C back-ends is equivalent.
+ Currently, this includes the C99 back-end and the SBV back-end.
+* [copilot-c99]( A back-end that
+ translates to [Atom]( to
+ generate hard real-time C code.
+Optionally, you may which also to install
+* [copilot-sbv]( Another back-end
+ that translates to [SBV](, using its
+ code generator to generate hard real-time C code as well. The ad
+* [copilot-discussion](
+ Contains a tutorial, todos, and other items regarding the Copilot system.
+Comments, bug reports, and patches are always welcome. Send them to leepike @
+Please see the files under the [Examples]() directory for a number of examples
+showing the syntax, use of libraries, and use of the interpreter and back-ends.
+The examples is the best way to start.
+The Copilot library is cabalized. Assuming you have cabal and the GHC compiler
+installed (the [Haskell Platform]( is the
+easiest way to obtain these), it should merely be a matter of running
+ cabal install copilot
+with an Internet connection. Please see the INSTALL file for installation
+Once the installation is done, you can run the executable `XXX` which will
+execute the regression test suite for sbv on your machine.
+copilot-cbmc depends on the C model-checker, CBMC.
+[CBMC]( is a bounded model-checker for C code. We
+use CBMC to prove that two back-ends generating C generate semantically
+equivalent C, to help detect bugs in C back-ends.
+Copyright, License
+The Copilot library is distributed with the BSD3 license. The license file contains
+the [BSD3]( verbiage.
+Copilot was developed, in part, with support from NASA's Aviation Safety
+Program, Contract #NNL08AD13T. Copilot was developed jointly by Galois,
+Inc. and the National Institute of Aerospace.
+The following people have contributed to Copilot: Lee Pike, Nis Wegmann,
+Sebastian Niller, Robin Morisset, Alwyn Goodloe, and Levent Erkok.

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