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-- Refs ------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Feat in Haskell '12:
* The SYB paper:
Has shrink example
* The Scrap your zippers paper:
(I could build on this)
* QuickSpec:
* --- check out C-reduce (Regehr) and Delta
debugging ( C-reduce is in PLDI.
* Also check out
* GenCheck
-- xmonad ----------------------------------------------------------------------
* internals overview:
* hackage:
* properties are inside 0.10/xmonad-0.10/tests/
* Blow away your cabal-dev directories to do a fresh install.
Make latest smartcheck: from SmartCheck:
> cabal-dev install
Make smartcheck available: from xmonad-0.10/
> cabal-dev add-source ../../../../
Turn on testing:
> cabal-dev install -ftesting
From xmonad-0.10/
> cabal-dev ghci -Wall
> Properties.main
or to test individual props:
> Properties.mytest Properties.prop_findIndex 1000
* Mark changed properties or functions in StackSet.hs with -- BAD
* Changes for SmartCheck marked with -- SC
-- TODOs -----------------------------------------------------------------------
* Find disjunctive invariants---actually, just add as new preconditions to
* Run smartcheck and quickcheck in parallel. Maybe?
* Run as many tests in parallel as possible. Maybe?
* Explore the idea of data coverage:
* E.g., trivial "false" property to see if your program exercises all
* Kinds of type coverage: exists some contructor to fail...
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