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@@ -10,44 +10,25 @@ TODO
you give them an index that is out of bounds. Perhaps I should return a
-* Options:
- * Option for controlling depth into structure we recurse.
-* Performance analysis of extrapolation.
* Have extrapolate check whether we've run out of sub constructors and let the
user know.
-* Lists are base types??
* Document SubTypes class methods!
-* We extrapolate if there exists at least one test that satisfies the
- precondition, and for all tests that asatisfy the precondition, they fail. Is
- this the right thing to do? (I think it is.)
* Args to optionally extrapolate and contructor extrapolate.
-* Make sure that foldM (extractResult prop) FailedPreCond res in SmartGen fails
- eagerly.
-* Add option to bound depth of reducing.
* Need to do constructor gen for *all* previously-found counterexamples, so we
get their constructors, too.
* Web view for large data (like Yav's thing for type nats)?
-* Would I benefit from using a zipper for traversal? I suspect not since I
- really don't fold. (Oleg Kiselyov, 27 Apr 2005, haskell\@, "Zipper as a delimited continuation")
+* I would benefit from using a zipper for traversal.
-* Try out SubTypes instances for Map a b and try an algebric type inside of
+* Try out SubTypes instances for Map a b and try an algebraic type inside of
lists (maybe Forest Foo).
* Go through Reddit comments: (in refs/)
-* Why do things crap out with HeapPP sometimes in shrinking? Profile.
* Try to fix/simplify definition of showForest.
* Probably, list/map [a] should be a baseType if a is a baseType and not
@@ -60,7 +41,11 @@ get their constructors, too.
* Refactor so we only getAtIdx (which is expensive!) once per pass.
-* Pass around stdGen so that more code is pure.
+* Pass around stdGen so that the code is more pure.
+* Bug with XMonad stuff. Look in examples/StackSet. There you'll see that
+ getAtIdx does not get the same value as replaceAtIdx. I'm working on
+ narrowing the bug in StackSetMinBug.
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