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  • cbmc extfunc --- seems that we're getting behind-by-one vlaues.
  • finish the CRC example, blog
  • test ext arrays, too -- for both c99 and sbv
  • add cbmc tests to all the examples---suggest installation of cbmc.
  • Change funArgs to just args?

  • Remove trigger guards.

  • Rewrite copilot-sbv, Driver.hs. Separate Doc stuff from code generation stuff.

  • Testing: record and compare against "golden value" outputs, at least for interpreter.

  • Use tags for external functions in SBV backend.

  • In interpretation, external functions need to take Stream arguments.

  • Fix SBV's makefile generation.

  • Generate SBV checks, particularly for array out of bounds.

  • QuickCheck:

    • Generate external arrays and functions.
  • Remove stream guards(?).

  • Implement casting for SBV backend.

  • Remove Tests/... and have the regression execute everything in Examples

  • Need Graph.hs in copilot-language?

  • Replicate Interface.hs from the "old Copilot".

  • Comments, especially at the beginning of modules and on module exports.

  • Make Copilot operator precedence match Haskell operator precedence. (make binary operators associative, for now we have to write 'a && ( b && c )' with parens).

  • Add casts to the language. Add casts that are able to construct a floating point stream out of 4 Word8, 2 Word16, 1 Word32 and so on (architecture specific), to help protocol monitoring

  • Add a backend to Feldspar.


  • The interpreter computes all output before printing to screen. This can mean it takes a long time to print the output from large expressions.

  • SBV: external array indicies can depend on external variables. Need to do a causality analysis to ensure we're not using an updated value during sampling. E.g.:

    void sampleExts(void) { ext_idx2 = idx2; ext_arr1 = arr1[mk_ext_arr_arr1(queue_0, ptr_0)]; ext_arr2 = arr2[mk_ext_arr_arr2(ext_idx2)]; }

    (Check what's done in the copilot-c99 backend.)

  • We use stable names ( for sharing, which can't determine that a name is stable for polymorphic functions that have type constraints. This is because the type gets turned into a dictionary, and so each application is a new thunk. For example, consider the small example at

    Thus, we require the restriction that all Copilot stream definitions have top-level definitions that are monomorphic (the monomorphic functions can all polymorphic functions though).

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