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Systematic force field optimization.
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#|  ForceBalance  |#

If you're reading this, you are probably looking for help. :D

The ForceBalance project website is located at

There is documentation available online in html at:

You can also download the documentation in pdf format here:

#|   Quick Help   |#

To build the package:

python build

To install the package:

python install

To install the package locally (i.e. if you don't have root permissions), try the following:

python install --user
python install --prefix=$HOME/.local
python install --prefix=/your/favorite/directory
export PYTHONPATH=/your/favorite/directory

The python packages "setuptools" and "virtualenv" are helpful in setting up a Python environment in your local directory.

To turn the package into a distributable .tar.bz2 file:

python sdist

#| Published Parameters |#

If you are here to obtain data for a published force field (e.g. AMBER-FB15), you can
find it in the Products folder.  Please email me at leeping (at) ucdavis (dot) edu
if you notice anything that should be added.

#| Funding Acknowledgement |#

The development of this code has been supported in part by the following grants and awards:

NIH Grant R01 AI130684-02
ACS-PRF 58158-DNI6
NIH Grant U54 GM072970
Open Force Field Consortium
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