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@@ -30,7 +30,10 @@ If you'd like to help please send me a link to the repository, or fork this repo
* [Flixel]( - an open source game-making library written entirely in ActionScript 3
* [GenesisEngine]( - GenesisEngine allows you to create and explore procedurally-generated planetary systems, from ground level all the way out into space. Experiments with procedurally-generated worlds, XNA, and design patterns
* [Spring]( - an Open Source Real Time Strategy game engine
-* [Leaderboard]( - Leaderboards backed by Redis
+* [Leaderboard]( - Leaderboards backed by Redis (in Ruby)
+* [Python Leaderboard]( - Leaderboards backed by Redis (in Python)
+* [PHP Leaderboard]( - Leaderboards backed by Redis (in PHP)
+* [Scala Leaderboard]( - Leaderboards backed by Redis (in Scala)
* [Halo::Reach::API]( - Ruby gem for interacting with the Halo:Reach API
* [tassadar]( - A Starcraft 2 replay parser written in pure Ruby

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