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Encourage the use of Machinist 2.

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*Fixtures aren't fun. Machinist is.*
-Machinist 2 is **still in beta**! Unless you really know what you're doing,
-[you probably want Machinist
+Machinist 2 is **still in beta**!
+If you're using Rails 3, you'll want to give Machinist 2 a go, but be aware
+that the documentation is still lacking.
+That said, have a look at [the
+specs](, starting with
+[the spec for
+No, really, have a look. I wrote this code to be read, and the specs do a
+pretty clean job of documenting what it all does.
+If, on the other hand, you want the tried, tested, and well-documented official
+release version of Machinist, [then go with Machinist
- [Home page](

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