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A web service for coderwall to look up the number of contributions a user has made to a particular repository
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Octocoder is a simple rack-based web service for use by Coderwall to identify users' repository-based achievements. E.g.

  • Riding the Rails - user has contributed to the Rails framework.
  • In the Wee Small Hours - user has contributed to the Sinatra framework.


In a nutshell, you'll query and get the JSON response {"count":6} indicating that leereilly has made 6 contributions to the repository called rails owned by user rails.


See it in Action

Check out



Local installation


  • RVM
  • Bundler

Clone the repository

git clone
cd octocoder

Install bundler and the required gems

gem install bundler     
bundle install

Set your database environment variable

export DATABASE_URL=mysql://

Run the tests


If everything looks OK, launch the application


Installation on Heroku

There are 4 easy steps (if you've used Heroku before). Please refer to Heroku Dev Center for help with Heroku.

git clone
cd octocoder
heroku create 
git push heroku master

Note About API Version

If you want to always use the latest API version, point to

NB: This is usually considered bad practice i.e. if the API changes then your app might crash/burn/kill.

If you want to always hit version 2 of the API (current stable version) hit


Contributions are welcome and encouraged! You know the drill.

  • Fork.
  • Commit code with tests.
  • Pull.

General guidelines

Any changes to the actual API that aren't backwards-compatible should be added to a new version.


  • GitHub for being awesome and having a public API
  • Coderwall
  • Gems sinatra, mongo-mapper, shotgun, heroku, rest-client, json, rspec, rack-test and webrat

Bugs / Known Issues

  • This is hosted on a free Heroku account with only one dyno i.e. performance and availability not guaranteed.
  • The current GitHub API (Version 3) document doesn't list Contributor as an available resource; it may be modified/removed at any time :-o
  • More in the issues ^
  • The first time a repository is hit, all the contributors are cached. Subsequent calls will be faster.


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