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Signed-off-by: Sakchai Siripanyawuth <>
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1 parent 1eaff2c commit 4aebe51deb1c33949dfd1e2823acc70d9ae92208 @zacksiri zacksiri committed Dec 22, 2011
@@ -8,11 +8,11 @@ Connects two awesome plugins - Datatables for Jquery and Meta Search together fo
Add the following to your Gemfile to install simple datatables:
- gem 'simple_datatables'
+ gem 'rails-datatables'
After bundle install add this line to rails 3.1 assets pipeline and restart server:
- //= require simple_datatables
+ //= require rails-datatables
Installation completed.
@@ -50,14 +50,15 @@ This gem uses:
This gem provides integration with:
* will_paginate for nice pagination request syntax mapping
+* kaminari for pagination as well it works with both so choose either one not both.
Gem works only with rails 3.1.
Gem includes datatables library and fnSetFilteringDelay plugin so you haven't include it by yourself.
== Pagination
-Simple_datatables is compatible with Kaminari. Datatables will provide you "page" and "per_page" request params.
+Rails-Datatables is compatible with Kaminari AND Will paginate. Datatables will provide you "page" and "per_page" request params.
If you do not use pagination do not forget to save search result to some variable with meta_search relation method:

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