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  • Assert formats for :ttl, :turtle, and :notation3 in addition to :n3


  • Add application/turtle, application/x-turtle, text/rdf+n3 and application/rdf+n3 as mime types matching this format, even though only text/turtle and text/n3 are valid.


  • New Predictive-Parser based N3 Reader, substantially faster than previous Treetop-based parser
  • RDF.rb 0.3.0 compatibility updates
    • Remove literal_normalization and qname_hacks, add back uri_hacks (until 0.3.0)
    • Use nil for default namespace
    • In Writer
      • Use only :prefixes for creating QNames.
      • Add :standard_prefixes and :default_namespace options.
      • Use """ for multi-line quotes, or anything including escaped characters
    • In Reader
      • URI canonicalization and validation.
      • Added :canonicalize, and :intern options.
      • Added #prefixes method returning a hash of prefix definitions.
      • Change :strict option to :validate.
      • Add check to ensure that predicates are not literals, it's not legal in any RDF variant.
  • RSpec 2 compatibility


  • In Writer, set @base_uri not @base, as :base_uri is an attribute.
  • Relativize URLs without matching as regexp.
  • Allow mixed case literal languages.
  • Improve N3 Unicode support for Ruby 1.9
  • Improve Turtle/N3 Writer to use unescaped and qname'd values


  • Ruby 1.9.2 compatibility
  • Added script/tc to run test cases
  • Fixed RDF.to_s != RDF.to_uri.to_s in writer, it worke for every other vocabulary
  • Handle XMLLiteral when value is a Nokogiri node set.
  • Simplify process_uri by not having a special case for ^# type URIs.
  • Unescape values when creating URIs.
  • URI normalization isn't required for N3, so removed.
  • Added Reader#rewind and #close as stubs because document is parsed on initialize and input is closed.


  • Compatible with RDF.rb 0.2.1


  • Replace require against rdf/rdfxml/patches/* with rdf/n3/patches/*


  • N3 parsing and Turtle serialization substantially complete.
    • A little more work needed on some tests and some lingering issues in RDF.rb to be resolved.
  • Added script/console and script/parse
  • Updates to reader to bring it in line with other readers. Implement uri() and ns() as helper functions for constructing URIs.
  • Literal_normalization to override RDF::Literal.initialize and create Literal#valid?
  • rdf_escape Literals when serializing via to_s
  • Remove trailing "#" from URIs when normalizing.


  • First port from RdfContext version 0.5.4