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#import "GameNote.h"
@implementation GameNote
+ (GameNote*)noteWithString:(NSString*)string andPosition:(CGPoint)p {
// init the note
GameNote* note = [GameNote labelWithString:string fontName:@"AmericanTypewriter" fontSize:20];
note.position = p;
// set the actions
CCDelayTime* delayTime = [CCDelayTime actionWithDuration:1.0];
CCFadeTo* fadeTo = [CCFadeTo actionWithDuration:0.5 opacity:0];
CCCallFunc* callFunc = [CCCallFunc actionWithTarget:note selector:@selector(die:)];
[note runAction:[CCSequence actions:delayTime, fadeTo, callFunc, nil]];
// return
return note;
- (void) die:(id)sender {
[self unschedule:@selector(tick:)];
[self.parent removeChild:self cleanup:YES];
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