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  • Titles and navigation links should only capitalise first letter, not every word.
  • URLs should use hyphens, not underscores.


  • Don't commit additional whitespace
  • Use ruby 1.9.2 hash syntax wherever possible
  • Models should have:
    • All associations at the top
    • Then any scopes
    • Then validations
    • Then code



  • Only test the "happy path" behaviour, not exceptional behaviour.
  • Only describe things that should happen, not things that shouldn't.
  • Prefer large descriptive steps to small reusable ones. DRY can be achieved at the Ruby level.
  • Prefer steps written at a high level of abstraction.
  • Write steps to be independent, not relying on the user being on a certain page.
  • Avoid testing negatives; these are better tested in functional/unit tests.
  • Avoid testing incidental behaviour (e.g. flash messages); these are better tested in functional/unit tests.
  • Never call a cucumber step from within another one; extract the behaviour into a method which can be called from both.