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Feb 03, 2012

  1. First pass at laying out organisations page, still requires a fair am…

    …ount of work but is closer.
      - Also generalised js helper to set heights equal to largest when floated (name change of plugin).
    Jason Cale authored
  2. James Adam

    All roles are either ministerial or board member.

    lazyatom authored
  3. James Adam

    Don't show ministers in the management team.

    Classic error.
    lazyatom authored
  4. James Adam

    Tighten up the organisation hierarchy.

    This commit contains a few related small changes:
    - Re-order the organisation navigation
    - Change references from 'board members' to 'management team'
    - Link to the 'Management Team' from the 'About' page rather than the
      main organisation nav
    - Link to the 'Management Team' from underneath the top civil servant
    lazyatom authored
  5. Tom Ward

    Skip alt-text validation if the news article is being deleted or arch…

    tomafro authored
  6. Tom Stuart

    Link to ministers page from organisation pages

    tomstuart authored
  7. James Adam

    Stop news images appearing too small.

    We're not exactly sure why this wasn't working, since `#content img`
    has `width: 100%` as a rule, which should trigger it to be 100% of its
    The new rule is perhaps a bit more explicit; the `max-width` of the
    image is set to 100% of its container, and the specific `width` of the
    image is set to `inherit`, which should also set it to be the width of
    the container.
    Huh. Weird.
    lazyatom authored
  8. James Adam & James Mead

    Use the existing helper.

    DRY FTW.
  9. Tom Stuart

    Default search_index format to underscored class name

    This is almost always what we want.
    tomstuart authored
  10. Tom Stuart

    Index supporting pages with their own format

    These were previously masquerading as their associated document
    in order to get the policy icon, but now there's an explicit
    supporting page icon (albeit the same as the policy icon at the
    moment) we can give them a distinct format.
    If supporting pages ever get associated with other types of
    document it might be desirable to revert this change. For now
    it's better to keep things simple and unsurprising.
    tomstuart authored
  11. Tom Stuart

    Add icon to supporting page header

    tomstuart authored
  12. Tom Stuart

    Fix supporting page header markup

    The styles expect this to be inside a section.page_header.
    tomstuart authored
  13. James Adam & James Mead

    Refactor announcement logic into a presenter.

    This makes the view and controller much simpler, and also makes it
    easier to extract shared logic between the today and last 7 days
  14. James Adam & James Mead

    Only feature news and speeches which have images.

    At the moment, speeches don't have images so they're never actually featured.
    I'd like to extract this logic into the `Announcements` class next, and move much of the testing to tests against that class too.
  15. James Mead

    Stop displaying attachment filename.

    We had a problem with long attachment filenames (without spaces) not
    wrapping. Rather than fix the word wrapping problem, we decided to
    no longer display the filename because, since we now have attachment
    titles, it isn't very useful any more.
    floehopper authored
  16. Tom Stuart

    Say "Priorities" instead of "International Priorities" on country pages

    tomstuart authored
  17. Tom Ward

    Allow creation of new document editions when the parent is invalid

    The parent can become invalid if a validation has been added since it was published.
    tomafro authored
  18. Tom Ward

    Prevent invalid documents from being published.

    It is possible for an existing document to be invalid if additional validations are added after the edition is first saved.  In this case, publishing should fail.
    tomafro authored
  19. James Mead

    Simplify sort order testing.

    It's overkill to test the negative, i.e. that the documents are not
    sorted by published_at, and it is sufficient to test the the documents
    are sorted by first_published_at.
    floehopper authored
  20. Tom Stuart

    Stop showing unique reference & ISBN labels if they are blank

    tomstuart authored
  21. James Mead

    Order news & speeches consistently across the site.

    floehopper authored
  22. Tom Stuart

    Add country descriptions

    tomstuart authored
  23. Tom Stuart

    Add description to country pages

    tomstuart authored
  24. Tom Stuart

    Add description field to country admin form

    tomstuart authored
  25. Tom Stuart

    Add description attribute to countries

    tomstuart authored
  26. Tom Ward

    Clean up validation failure message when alt-text is missing

    tomafro authored
  27. Tom Ward

    Add alt text to news article images, and force articles with images t…

    …o include alt text
    tomafro authored
  28. James Adam & James Mead

    Lock to Rake 0.9.2, rather than

    We had originally allowed the use of so that we could use Ruby
    1.9.3 to develop against, but a change in rummager
    (alphagov/rummager@c7171b0) locking
    it to 0.9.2 explicitly, in combination with the fact that both apps
    are deployed on the same machine, means that we have to revert this to
    avoid Passenger freaking out.
    Rake 0.9.2 is the version which puppet ensures, and so rather than try to retain this flexibility, it is easier to move Whitehall into line with the strict constraint.
    Note that this means we can no longer develop using Ruby 1.9.3 locally.
  29. Tom Stuart

    Fix typo in CountriesControllerTest filename

    tomstuart authored
  30. If policy notes aren't present on the page then we shouldn't link the…

    … update at time.
    Jason Cale authored
  31. Tom Stuart

    Flag force-published documents in admin interface

    tomstuart authored
  32. Tom Stuart

    Highlight force-published documents in admin index

    tomstuart authored
  33. Tom Stuart

    Add forced_published flag to documents

    tomstuart authored
  34. James Mead

    Be consistent in only capitalising first word of link text.

    floehopper authored

Feb 02, 2012

  1. James Mead

    Make org announcements path consistent with main announcements.

    floehopper authored
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