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EDiT: Interpreting Ensemble Models via Compact Soft Decision Trees (ICDM'19)
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This project is a PyTorch implementation of EDiT: Interpreting Ensemble Models via Compact Soft Decision Trees, published as a conference proceeding at ICDM 2019. This paper proposes a novel approach that distills the knowledge of an ensemble model to maximize the interpretability of soft decision trees (SDT) with fewer parameters.



You should first download the datasets from this website and place them in /data. You may just run in data/ in a Linux environment. Although it contains over a hundred datasets which were used in previous works, we use only 8 of them in our work. The list of target datasets is described in datasets.txt.

Then, move to src/ and run python to actually run EDiT. Currently it trains a vanilla SDT over the abalone dataset, but you can change easily the hyperparameters in src/ including the dataset, sparsification technique, and training procedure. For instance, it will use the tree pruning technique if you change tree_threshold from 0 to a desired threshold such as 1e-4.

If you want to enable the knowledge distillation technique, you should run python to train and save random forests (RF) which are not included in this repository. The trained RF models are saved in out/rf/models. The other results such as intermediate logs of training and trained compact soft decision trees are saved in out/edit.


You can download this bib file or copy the following information:

  author    = {Jaemin Yoo and Lee Sael},
  title     = {EDiT: Interpreting Ensemble Models via Compact Soft Decision Trees},
  booktitle = {IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM)},
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