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abcm2ps is a command line program which converts ABC to music sheet in PostScript or SVG format. It is an extension of abc2ps which may handle many voices per staff. abcm2ps is Copyright © 2014-2016 Jean-Francois Moine.
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abcm2ps is a C program which converts music tunes from the ABC music notation to PostScript or SVG.

Based on abc2ps, the Postscript generator for ABC music notation by Michael Methfessel, it was first developped to print barock organ scores that have independant voices played on one or many keyboards and a pedal-board (the 'm' of abcm2ps stands for many or multi staves/voices). Since this time, it has evolved so it can render many more music kinds.

Note that this program is at end of life. Its successor is abc2svg.


The features of abcm2ps are based on the ABC draft 2.2 (February 2013). The differences are listed in the abcm2ps/abc2svg documentation.

Installation and usage

The installation procedure is described in the file INSTALL. To build the program with default settings run


Basically, the program usage is:

abcm2ps [options] file1 [file1_options] file2 [file2_options] ...

where file1, file2, .. are the ABC input files. This will generate a Postscript file (default name: Run abcm2ps -h to know the list of the command line options.



Author's page:

To know more about the ABC music notation, have a look at

Guido Gonzato maintains many abcm2ps binaries and more documentation at

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