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No frills, general use support ticket tracking. Easily document and communicate client relations within a support team.


  • Clean interface that is compatible with modern web browsers

  • Add comments and file attachments to tickets

  • Subscribe to ticket updates via email (alerts)

  • Automatically sends an email to the user assigned as owner of a ticket

  • View recent ticket activity and timeline statistics from the dashboard

  • Export ticket in PDF format

  • No complicated permission system…only admins can perform negative actions

  • In-line admin controls to delete comments, attachments, and tickets

  • Gravatar integration

Database support

TicketMule runs on PostgreSQL by default. MySQL and SQLite can be used with a small change to a couple of queries in the Ticket model. See issue #10 for details.


Basic installation creates a fresh database with a single admin user. See db/seeds.rb for admin user information.

After performing the basic setup, you can choose to test drive TicketMule by running the faker rake task as described below.

Install gems:

$ gem install bundler
$ bundle install

Create a database.yml file and modify as needed:

$ cp config/database.postgresql.yml config/database.yml

Configure TicketMule settings in the production block of config/config.yml. See comments for details.

Modify config/environment.rb settings such as default timezone, rails gem version, relative url root (if applicable), etc.

Modify db/seeds.rb to create the seed data for your installation of TicketMule. This is where you create your organization's groups, statuses, and priorities.

Choose between basic installation or installation with test data:

Basic installation create database and schema, and initialize with seed data:

$ rake db:setup

Test drive create database and schema, initialize with seed data, and load 150 contacts, 500 tickets, and 4 non-admin users (see lib/tasks/faker.rake for details):

$ rake faker


By default, users can create their own accounts by navigating to /users/new. If this is not desired and you only want admins to create user accounts, a small change to config/routes.rb is required. The users resource will need the exception added for the new action. See the comments for the users resource map for details.

When you add an alert to a ticket, you will only receive an email alert when the ticket's attributes change. You will not receive an email alert when a comment or attachment is added.


Copyright © 2009 by J. Lee Smith. All rights reserved.

TicketMule is released under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for details.


Fugue icons copyright © 2010 by Yusuke Kamiyamane