Exploit written in Python for CVE-2018-15473 with threading and export formats
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On August 15th, 2018, the following advisory was posted on the OSS-Security list: http://openwall.com/lists/oss-security/2018/08/15/5

The ShelIntel team decided to invest some time and write an exploit for this vulnerability. The exploit below has the following features:

  • Threading - default 5
    • If more than 10 are used, often the OpenSSH service gets overwhelmed and causes retries
  • Single username evaluation via username parameter
  • Multiple username evaluation via userList parameter
  • Multiple username evaluation file output via outputFile parameter
  • Multiple output formats (list, json, csv) via outputFormat parameter

An example username input file is given in exampleInput.txt
An example results output file in List format is given in exampleOutput.txt
An example results output file in JSON format is given in exampleOutput.json
An example results output file in CSV format is given in exampleOutput.csv

Install the dependencies by running pip install -r requirements.txt


Build the image:

docker build -t cve-2018-15473 .

Run the exploit:

docker run cve-2018-15473 -h

Delete containers and image:

docker ps -a | awk '$2 == "cve-2018-15473" {print $1}' | xargs docker rm docker rmi cve-2018-15473