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  - A blog by Wen Chuan Lee ツ

This is the GitHub Pages repository that hosts my Jekyll site at, a personal blog on programming, software development, thoughts, and... food.

Website theme is Helios, which I have ported for Jekyll and added a ton of other features. Read more about the technologies used to build the site here.

Please let me know if there are any issues on the issues page, if you're interested in grabbing a copy of the theme without my customizations check out the Git Tags for all versions.

Original Theme Read Me:

Helios by HTML5 UP | @n33co
Free for personal and commercial use under the CCA 3.0 license (

This is Helios, a brand new site template for HTML5 UP. It's clean, modern, and designed
to take advantage of larger (well, wider) displays while still being capable of gracefully
scaling down to fit all manner of smaller ones.

Demo images* courtesy of Michael Domaradzki, an awesome photographer I met over at
deviantART. Check out his portfolio here:

(* = Not included! Only meant for use with my own on-site demo, so please do NOT download
and/or use any of Michaels's work without his explicit permission!)

AJ @n33co


	Demo Images:
		Michael Domaradzki (

		Font Awesome (

		jQuery (
		html5shiv.js (@afarkas @jdalton @jon_neal @rem)
		CSS3 Pie (
		background-size polyfill (
		Respond.js (
		jquery.dropotron (
		jquery.scrolly (
		jquery.onvisible (
		Skel (


Repo for a Personal GitHub Pages Site located at:



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