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Contributing Code to openBVE

Please Note: This file is a work in progress, and is intended to serve as a general set of guidelines, not hard and fast rules!

Code Style Guidelines

  • Please use Unix (CR LF) line terminators.
  • Please use tabs, not spaces for indentation for all new code.
  • When only changing documentation, include [ci skip] in the commit description

Code Licencing

The basic licence for openBVE is Public Domain. Please only contribute code which is licenced under either Public Domain, or loose permissive licences (e.g. BSD-2 and compatible)

Backwards Compatibility

  • Unless not possible (e.g. Plugin interface changes) , backwards compatibility with versions of openBVE below 1.5.0 should be maintained. An error message is fine, but a program crash is not!
  • When adding a completely new routefile feature, it is generally preferable to add a new command, rather than extending an existing, as this may be misinterpreted by older versions.

List of Contributors


  • michelle
  • odakyufan
  • Anthony Bowden
  • Paul Sladen

OpenTK Port and Continuing Development:

  • Christopher Lees
  • Jakub Vanek
  • Maurizo M. Gavioli
  • Connor Fitzgerald
  • Marc Riera
  • s520

Third Party Code

Some parts of OpenBVE and the underlying libraries have been adapted from third party code. If it is covered by a different licence, this and the contributors for this code will be noted in the header of any such file. A list is also provided here:

  • Animated GIF decoder based upon work by Kevin Weiner, FM Software; LZW decoder adapted from John Cristy's ImageMagick
  • Some Matrix & Quaternion math code derived from work by the OpenTK team
  • DDS decoder based upon work by NVIDIA Corporation