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Crowd Risk

An application (prototype) for crowd sourcing risk information.

The application is developed with Ionic Framework v2.0.0-beta.11. For more details on the technology and for build instructions read below.



  • Make sure ionic is installed.
  • Clone the repository git clone
  • Install dependencies npm install
  • (Optional) Change backend / authentication configuration in app/config.ts
  • Build application
    • Preview application in browser ionic serve
    • Run application on attached android device (make sure adb can “see” the device) ionic run android --device


  • Make sure NodeJS is installed.
  • Make sure that MongoDB is set up and running on your machine.
  • Clone the repository git clone
  • Switch to server directory
  • Install dependencies npm install
  • Configure in config.js
    • Database configuration
      • database: mongodb database connection, e.g. mongodb://localhost/crowd_risk
    • Auth0 configuration (variables can be found in )
      • auth0_domain Auth0 Domain
      • auth0_read_users Auth0 management API Key that has read:users scope ( can be created at )
      • jwt_id Auth0 Client ID
      • jwt_secret Auth0 Client Secret



The application is developed with Ionic Framework v2.0.0-beta.11.


It is written in TypeScript, a typed version of ES6 (JavaScript). External libraries used need to provide typings that tell TypeScript about their functionality (and enables its compiler to assess the correctness of the code).

Those typings live in the typings/ directory.

New typings can be added with the typings tool if available or otherwise written manually.

Cordova plugins

Cordova provides access to native platform functionality. To access specific features plugins are used. We employ the following ones (in addition to plugins icluded by default when using ionic):

  • cordova-plugin-camera: Access to camera.
  • cordova-plugin-geolocation: Access to GPS / Geolocation
  • cordova-plugin-inappbrowser: Use inappbrowser when opening links in the appliction.

Necessary for Auth0 authentication, as the process will otherwise be opened in an external browser and fail.

New plugins can be added with ionic plugin add <plugin> --save.

NPM dependencies

  • angular2-jwt: To enable JWT authentication with Auth0
  • leaflet: Interactive maps.
  • leaflet-geocoder=mapzen: A geocoder. Allows to search for places by name.
  • leaflet.heat: A heatmap for the Explore mockup.

As some of the dependencies provide static assets the build process had to be adjusted to copy those to the build directory:

Build process

Extended the gulpfile.js to copy static ressources to the build directory of our appliction. Thereby introduced the following tasks:

  • images: copies ressources from app/assets/images, node_modules/leaflet/dist/images, node_modules/leaflet-geocoder-mapzen/dist/images to www/build/images.
  • css: copies node_modules/leaflet-geocoder-mapzen/dist/images to www/build/css/images.


The backend is developed on NodeJS with ExpressJS and uses MongoDB as database.

NPM dependencies

  • auth0: Auth0 API
  • bluebird: Provides a better implmentation of ES6 Promises
  • express: ExpressJS
  • morgan: Request logging for ExpressJS
  • express-jwt: JWT for ExpressJS. Used to verify tokens sent by the app
  • cors: Configure CORS
  • body-parser: Parse request bodies
  • mongoose: Connection to MongoDB