Concurrency oriented programming in Lua
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  ConcurrentLua is a system that implements a concurrency model for the Lua
  programming language. It is based on the share-nothing asynchronous
  message-passing model that is employed in the Erlang programming language.

  ConcurrentLua extends Lua's coroutines with message-passing primitives, in
  order to support concurrent programming. Distributed programming is supported
  transparently with the same message-passing primitives.

  ConcurrentLua is implemented as a collection of Lua modules that can be
  loaded by any Lua program. Most of the code is written in Lua itself, with
  minor parts written in C.



  All the changes in each new release up to the latest are in the NEWS file.


  Lua version 5.1 or 5.2 is compile-time requirement.

  The LuaSocket, Copas and Coxpcall modules are runtime dependencies.

  Compile and install the system:
    make all
    make install


  The detailed reference manual can be found in doc/manual.html.


  Released under the terms and conditions of the MIT/X11 license, included in
  the LICENSE file.


  See AUTHORS file.