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MjNCMS - Mojolicious-[PERL]-based CMS [Mj Not CMS :) ]

v 0.82

Project goal is not create CMS, but create ``CMS`` enviropment.
Let me describe: every time you start new project you need 
mess with "boring" stuff. Like user model, categories, 
static pages, html block u/content_manager can change over web ui, 
make admin panel, other simple and not stuff.
This always takes time - you have idea, but days/weeks later 
you (pssoble :)) still mess with them and `core functional` 
as is "far far away" as they were some time ago.
I meet same problem - my "framework/kitchen" 
( was not modern at all.
I've desided build new useful env based on some 
mainstream framework form 0, but with couple things in mind.
And Mojo/Mojolicious becomes decision.

So this is first public "*yehay it's working*" realise :).

Install instrucions described at DOCS/INSTALL

Mojolicious/MjNCMS 'how it works' description at DOCS/HowitWorks
If there will be interest in project I think to 
start wiki for better description/documentation. But later.

Code licensed under Artistic license (LICENSES dir)

There are CKEditor, SMF in packages [think that's all], 
they're comes under it's own licenses wth all respects to owners.
Yep, there mootools extension jxlib (javascript UI) 
also have own license, but free enough.

Project distro is in NCMS folder



BTW, Some benchmarks, in requests/second:
On my notebok:

joomla: no cache: 6.4, cache:memcached: 9.6
wordpress no cache: 5.4

MjNCMS, all plugins: no memd cache: 61, cache: 86